Advanced nutritional support for men's health


NutraSource introduced
Moomiyo and Rhodiola
Rosea to the US in 1998

NutraSource was first mfg to use fenugreek.....2002

     T-FACTOR is formulated to get results. It's rare botanicals, phyto-nutrients and precisely engineered ingredients will help men 40 and older improve strength, stamina and vitality by not only supporting optimal testosterone levels but also by improving oxygen utilization efficiency and increasing the body's ability to turn protein into lean muscle (protein synthesis). 

T-FACTOR contains:
Moomiyo and Rhodiola Rosea (aka Golden Root) are adaptogens. An adaptogen usually refers to an herb that helps the body cope and become stronger when under physical, mental or emotional stress. The most powerful and effective adaptogens ever discovered are Moomiyo and Golden Root.
About Moomiyo and Golden Root:
Russian scientists have contributed a wealth of research and knowledge to modern
physical performance. Dominating international sports competition was extremely
important to former communist Russia. Millions of dollars went into their research
programs. Much of that went into research to find naturally occurring substances that would help increase physical performance. Their research paid off in a big way because it verified the undeniable benefits of Moomiyo and Rhodiola Rosea (golden root). These natural substances helped Russia dominate world athletics for 40 years. All of the research and studies were kept secret from the rest of the world until 1990, 2 years after the fall of old Communist Russia (USSR) in 1988.

In several Russian studies, Moomiyo and Golden Root were shown to have significant ability to increase strength, muscle-mass and stamina, in fact, by an incredible 16%- 27% in just 3 months. Golden Root has been shown to have a dramatic impact on the amount of oxygen available for prolonged physical exertion. Each of these herbs has demonstrated the ability to speed recovery time, not only from strenuous training, but also from muscle strains and more serious sports injuries. Again, these beneficial properties have been documented in numerous studies conducted by Russian university and medical scientists.

T-Factor is the first supplement to contain both Phytosterone-T and Tribolistan, our exclusive blend of Ashwagandha from India, Tribulus Terrestris form Eastern Europe, Cordyceps mushroom from Asia and the powerful plant-derived growth factor Fenutest. This exclusive combination makes T-Factor exceptionally beneficial for high elevation physical activities. Tribulus terrestris has been the subject of millions of dollars of research because of its ability to impact testosterone levels, fertility and overall well-being. Fenutest has been compared to tribulus because of its similar positive impact on men's health. 

One area that is often forgotten in the development of many supplements is the liver. The whole process starts with the liver. If the liver is functioning at less than 100%, all body processes will reflect it. It is especially important to support liver health in a supplement that targets this critical area of a man's overall health. That's why T-Factor has milk thistle, known for its ability to promote liver health. Plus Tribulus terrestris is also known for its liver support.
And T-Factor contains zinc gluconate. Zinc is an important component of the enzymes that produce testosterone from the released luteinizing hormone.